Validator Deposit Contract

This section outlines the responsibilities and functions of Prysm's validator deposit contract.

This documentation portal is depreciated and no longer maintained. Please visit for the most recent iteration.

The validator deposit contract is a core component of the Prysm client, and is responsible for handling both the input and verification of the initial 32 ETH deposit required to initialise a node and fully participate in the Ethereum 2.0 network.

A validator is queued in the full Proof-of-Stake system once a 32 ETH deposit is made from the existing Ethereum blockchain into a validator deposit contract and the node has fully spun up. By ensuring that all initial deposits come from the ETH1 chain, Ethereum 2.0 is able to leverage the security pool and value of existing Ether to secure the network upon launch. Prysm nodes automatically listen for deposit logs from this contract on the ETH1 chain and detect when a validator is ready for activation.

For more information and current developments, see the official Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract specification.