Join our Community

Interested in lending a hand? The Prysm team is always looking for enthusiastic people to help make the big goals of the project a reality.

There's a number of ways to help out the project for people of all skillsets and experience levels. If you are unsure where you may be best suited, stop by either our Discord or Gitter and a member of the team or community will be happy to answer questions and offer some direction. For those who already have an idea of what they would like to do, the below sections will help you get started.

Thank you for your interest in joining us. We'll see you in chat! ♡

Becoming a validator

For those would would like to participate in the Prysm 'Sapphire' testnet, it is now possible to sign up as a validator to process blocks and help advance the chain. Visit for setup instructions and to sign up as a validator on the network.

Assisting with code

To begin, check out our Contribution Guide and review our expectations. When you are ready, follow the instructions to set up your local working repository.

Be sure to read our Roadmap Reference Implementation document as well. This page outlines the basics of sharding as well as the various short-term milestones that the team hopes to achieve over the coming year.